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Welcome to Desk Mat UK, the top one-stop custom countermat shop.

At Desk Mats UK we specialise in supplying larger desk mat or counter mats for business promotion and reseller point of sale advertising. These printed mats are available in A3 (420 x 297mm) and A2 (595 x 420mm) sizes and look simply stunning when printed in up to full colour designs. Minimum order quantities start from just 100 to 250 mats.

If you thought mouse mats were the hottest promotional real estate on the desks and in the workplaces of your customers and prospective customers, just wait 'til you see these.

Choose from four fantastic counter mat styles:

Hardtop Mats

Printed Lanyard

Hard Top Countermats
With a 3mm thick foam base stunning print quality and impressive durability, the Hardtop desk mat is a great all-rounder. Available in two grades to suit your budget.

Welded Mats

Printed Armadillo Desk Mats

Welded Countermats
A softer-feel mat, welded around the outside edge with an anti-skid base, the Welded desk mat offers the same stunning print quality as hardtops.

Tough Top Mats

Printed Tough Mats Counter Mats

Tough Top Countermats
A similar concept to Welded Mats, the Tough Top countermat is heavier and rigid, offering a beautifully printed countermat that is built to last.

See-Thru Mats

Printed Tough Mats Counter Mats

See-Thru Countermats
A similar construction to Hardtop Countermats but with a transparent flap to display and change your business or product literature as often as you like.

Which Counter Mat should I choose?

If you're looking for desk mats with excellent all-round performance and a nicely padded feel then you should consider the Standard Hardtop. This consists of a thin but durable paper-printed surface protected with a PVC laminate, mounted on a 3mm thick EVA foam base and is perfect for desks and counters where they can expect low to moderate wear and tear. If you need a tougher version of this mat, then you should consider the Superior Hardtop desk mat for greater durability. This is achieved by printing your design directly onto the undersurface of a tough PVC top layer that is mounted directly onto the EVA foam base.

A great twist on the hardtop mat is the Welded Counter Mat - this consists of a similar PVC undersurface print to the Superior Hardtop but which is welded around the outside edge to an anti-slip base. At just 2mm thick, these low-profile mats will sit proudly on the desk and point of sale of your customers. Great for moderate to heavy wear and tear.

A similar concept to the Welded Mat is the Tough Top Counter Mat - but unlike the Welded Mat, these mats contain a thick card insert to give them extra rigidity making them a bit thicker and heavier for extra promotional impact. Great for moderate to heavy wear and tear.

Finally, if you want a mat that will allow you to display your business or product logo but can display and swap advertising literature as you prefer, you should consider the See-Thru desk mat - These are similar construction to the Superior hardtop counter mat but with a clear flap to place your company and/or product literature. The top hinge is branded with your company logo and/or any other design you like.

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